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Changed my site around a little

WordpressAfter using the free wordpress.com blog for the last year or so, I finally took the plunge and changed to the self hosting wordpress.org site. I know most of you probably wont know, or care about this but I decided to change over for two main reasons.


  1. I hadn’t realised it but wordpress free put their own adverts onto my blog. The reason I didn’t know about this was that every time I looked at it I was logged onto my wordpress account and apparently they don’t show up for the blogger. So over the past year I have probably earned wordpress a few quid. gggrrrr
  2. I had always known about the self hosting but was a little scared of it, I know it gives me a lot more flexibility over the blog but also makes it more complicated. However after looking through it the last few weeks I think the change over should be good for the blog.

So here we are, the blog has switched and hopefully you havn’t noticed any errors, fingers crossed. To be honest the change wasn’t that hard and anyone who has used the wordpress free should be able to use the self hosting version.

Google Ad Box

To pay for the new site (£30-£40 a year) I have added a Google Ad Box, now to me I don’t like it being there, but since you the readers have been seeing them all the time you shouldn’t notice any difference. Now for the good bit, every penny earned from the ad’s are going to be used towards my study and not into wordpress’s pockets :)


As for the last few weeks of study I have a few decisions to make but I will let you know all about that over the next few days, the pressure has been increasing with the workloads and something may have to give :(

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