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I have been a bad blogger again this month!!

Sorry guys, I’ve been a bad blogger this last month. I have been getting into the swing of all the new courses and I just haven’t had time to do any new posts.

So I have started quite a lot with this last month, my English GCSE is now on week eight, am about to start my final experiment for S155, so only three weeks left to go and then I’m a few weeks into S283. So I have been a busy little bee this month.

I will try and give updates on all these courses over the next week and let use all know how things are standing.

One thing I had been doing the last few weeks is getting used to the Dragon dictation software, I’m actually using that to type all this out, well not type, speak. I’m finding that it is good of all the basics but I just have two teach at all the scientific terms, and saying course codes is a pain in the backside as well. But I have been told that you just have to stick with that for a while and it gets used to your voice. So I will give it a try for this month and see how it goes.

I will be back soon, I promise :-)

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Been very busy these last few weeks …….. but not with study.

So its been a week or so since I have done an update on the blog and for good reason…… I have been doing bugger all study. It’s mainly due to 2 reasons, firstly, I have been working flat-out with work. We have been doing a lot of website work etc and I want to get it all done before S151 starts in October. So im putting all my efforts into getting that finished off so that I don’t have to work on it later. Secondly, even though I was planning to get a head start on S282, I have found it very hard to get motivated. I think its due to there being no time limits etc. For some reason I seem to work better when I know, for example that in 10 days I have so submit a TMA, this gives me a target I can’t miss where as at the min with my self-made calender there is no targets or deadlines. I don’t like the fact that I can’t get motivated without the targets but sure nothing can be done about it.

On another note, my material for S151 should be getting posted at the end of next week so starting to look forward to receiving them and looking through whats in store :)


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Degree updates for B64 Natural Sciences from the Open University

After months of waiting the Open University have finally published the recommended degree routes for the B64 BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences.

Firstly the degree routes they have given out are

  • Astronomy and Planetary Science
  • Biology and Health Science
  • Chemistry and Analytical Science
  • Earth Sciences
  • Environmental Science

Obviously these are just recommended routes and we can make it up from any of the S code courses but, the Astronomy and Planetary Science is the way I will be going. So I now have a list of my courses and finally worked out what I should be doing for the maths parts of the course. My new route is now :

  • S151: Maths for Science, 10pt (Compleated)
  • S196: Planets, 10pt (Compleated, should have been S154)
  • S104: Exploring Science, 60pt (Compleated)
  • S155: Scientific Investigation, 10pt (Starting Oct’11)
  • S283: Planetary Science and the search for life, 30pt (Starting Nov’11)
  • S282: Astronomy, 30pt (starting Feb’12)
  • SXP288: Practical Science Physics and Astronomy, 30pt
  • MST209: Mathematical methods and models, 60pt
  • S382: Astrophysics, 30pt
  • S383: The Relativistic Universe, 30pt
  • SMT359: Electromagnetism, 30pt
  • SXP390: Science Project Radiation and Matter, 30pt

So it’s all as easy as that (I wish), as it stands I have currently compleated 80 pts and will have compleated another 70 pts by the end of oct’12.

As for the courses, it was pretty much what I had expected to be doing, but it’s just nice to get confirmation of what I should be aiming for. There’s a possibility of doing SXP288 Practical Science Physics and Astronomy in 2012 but it will mean me doing 90pts at one go for about 4-5 months and im thinking that would just be silly as i found out at the start of this year.

The only downside to not doing the course in 2012 is that it will delay getting my degree by another year, unless I can add the extra 30pt into one of the following years.

hhhhmmm, decisions decisions….


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My Degree is Changing.

I knew that the degree i wanted was changing so finally got around to looking at all the changes on the Open University website.  My original aim BSc (Honours) Physical Science (B27), is now finishing as are a few others as far as I can see. They look to be rolling all these into one degree a BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences B64. within this you can go down a few different routes like

  • Astronomy and Planetary science
  • Biology and Health science
  • Chemistry
  • Geology and Earth science
  • Physics
  • or a bit of everything

So with all these changes, and with going through S104 and liking other aspects of science it lets me do a few different courses before deciding exactly what route I want to go down.

I will have to update my ‘The Plan’ and ‘Study Calender’ sections on the blog as soon as I decide on my next courses.


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Just registered for SXR103, has anyone else?

So the registration for the residential school SXR103 Practising Science, opened on Tue and I managed to get the week I wanted Way Hay. I booked in for the week of the 9th July so forms have been sent in, received and confirmed so all that’s left is to book the flights. It’s at  the University of Sussex so it says its best to fly into Gatwick and bus or train from there. Currently I can get Flybe from Belfast City to Gatwick for just under a hundred quid, I don’t think I will get it any cheaper than that so try to book it in the next month or so.

 I had to do SXR103 so that my current course S104 can be counted towards a named degree.  It looks fun and will be the first time I have ever done anything like this in a lab. I didnt even do any sience’s at GCSE so looking forward to it.

Is anyone else doing the course? I would loke to hear from you if you are, just to see what you expect from it, or how you felt it went when you did it.

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