Study History

I have been studying now for just over a year and so far I have done 

DB123 : You and Your Money, 30pt, started in May 2010 ended Oct 2010 (PASS)

S196 : Planets: An Introduction, 10pt, Started May 2010 ended July 2010 (PASS)

S151 : Maths for Science, 10pt, Starting in Sept 2010 ended Jan 2011 (PASS)

S282: Astronomy, 30pt, Started Feb 2011 ending Oct 2011 (Pulled Out In first 2 months)

S104 : Exploring Science, 60pt, Started Oct 2010 ended June 2011 ( PASS)

I am currently doing


I have registered for

Future Plans

Initially I was planning to do the “Foundation Degree in Financial Services” not for any particular reason, just that I like knowing about money, what to do with it and how not to give it away. I also started S196 Planets at the same time again just because I have a passing interest in it. However this has made me think about it and I have decided to do a “Physical Science Honors Degree” instead.

Since deciding on the above the Open University have changed their science degree’s. I will now be doing BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences B64. It’s mainly the same courses with a few changes but would have been nice to have a named degree.

So this is “The Plan

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3 Responses to Study History

  1. sophie

    hi, im hopin 2 start s104 in october. i wanted 2 knw if u could email me a Tma becoz im really scared im applyin 4 da rong course jus wna see wt the Tmas look like and what they are about. fnx

  2. Sophie

    Can you send me them by email plz, Thank you. How did you find this course? Would you say its intense and hard?

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