Sent Open University an E-Mail to withdraw from S283 Planetary Science

So it’s now done, I have sent an E-Mail to the Open University to withdraw from S283 Planetary Science. I have known for week that it would be happening but with TMA03 due next week I thought I should sort it out now. Having talked it over with student support last month, they felt the same as me, that its better to delay and try and get a higher result than just scraping through this year. So now I’m quickly downloading all the book and weekly activity PDF’s so that I can still work at my own pace for starting again next year. Should have really done that before contacting them !!!

Open University Transitional fees:

I know some of you including Phil from have mentioned about what could happen with my fees with withdrawing from the course. For me that isn’t a problem as I’m based in Northern Ireland and for the time being I’m still under the old Open University fee system. So hopefully I will be back up and running well before any changes happen.

On a happier note:

I have moved house in the last few weeks and that’s one of the reasons I haven’t done a blog post on a while. We moved from a 2 bedroom apartment to a nice big 4 bedroom house with big garden for Josh and the new baby to enjoy in the summer.

Also the garden is very dark with no nasty street lights and a good view of the sky so the telescope should be getting a good bit of use over the next few years, or I may have to treat myself to a new one like this Sky-Watcher Skyliner 300P ,  but only if Lisa allows me !!! I think I will have to be very very nice to her.

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3 Responses to Sent Open University an E-Mail to withdraw from S283 Planetary Science

  1. Hi Chris,

    Such a difficult decision, but probably one taken with a huge sense of relief that you can concentrate on your other priorities this year. And, as you say, if you’re going for a BA(Hons) you need a good result on the Level 2 modules to get the best possible class of Honours.

    Have you considered staying in touch with one or two of your cohorts via email, so you can keep up with any developments and advice from the tutor which might help you next year? This might also be a useful move if you don’t manage to get hold of the pdf files in time (although the OU isn’t renowned for responding quickly to emails!).

    Your new house sounds great; maybe room enough to build a small observatory for that new telescope *grin*.

    Lastly, thank you for the mention!

  2. Ruby

    Good luck Chris

  3. Mary

    Hi Chris,

    Alighted on your blog looking for info for an entirely different OU module (Google is crazy) and couldn’t help noticing this post and your previous one about withdrawing from S283.

    I’m currently taking this module myself so I’m sorry we’ve had to lose you! I completely understand your motivation though, and I think this happens far more frequently than we all realise. So many OU students have full lives with careers and families – so much more going on than the average university student and far less flexibility when it all gets a bit too much. I think they are generally understanding when you need to drop something. I’ve dropped a module this year and it worried me a great deal at the time. It now turns out that I don’t even need it for my qualification as my plans have changed since then! My own fault for convincing myself that I could study S283, S330 (do yourself a favour and treat Oceanography as a 60 credit course if you do take it – MASSIVE workload) and another module to boot, while working 2 jobs!

    s283 is the best laid out and most enjoyable module I have ever taken with the OU and I am sure you will get much more out of it when you have the time to approach it. They’re a great bunch so I have no doubt you’ll have no problem fitting back in. Have you joined the Facebook group? Both it and the forums are fantastic sources of support.

    Wishing you all the best!


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