Just cant get back into the swing of things :(

So here we are, just over a week after New Years and 2 weeks after Christmas, the drink has been drunk, the food and sweets have been eaten, the fun has been had ……. and now I just can’t get back into the way of study again :( who else is feeling the same… come on tell me im not the only one feeling like this !!!

I had lots of good intentions, I was a week or so ahead on S283 when I submitted TMA1 at the start of December and got a good result of 79%. I had planned to us the time off work (we can only really take Christmas off during the year due to working for ourselves) to get even further ahead so I could stay on top of things over the next few month. But something happened, during December a few nights off here and there turned into a few more nights off that turned into a week of and now were at about 3 week with very little study done gggrrr.

I don’t know whats going on im now about 2 weeks behind on S283 and a little behind on my GCSE English, although that will be easy to catch up on. I tried to kick-start it last week but just wouldn’t happen. Josh, my son, was off nursery with chicken pox so that probably didn’t helping, but he is back today so hopefully that will help me get back into my normal daily routine.

So this morning I have worked out what I need to do every day to get caught up buy next Monday, and I need to stick to it as TMA2 is due on the 31st Jan. Im going to keep posting here every other day so that you can all shout at me and kick my ass if I get behind again.


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2 Responses to Just cant get back into the swing of things :(

  1. haz

    Dont worry we all get like that at some point. You sound like your getting back on the right path though. Good luck! X

  2. Hi Chris,

    Hope your new module is going well, you’re doing a good jog juggling everything with doing your english gcse and all. S104 is really tough, i also want to go back to school and start all over again, and this time i’ll be commited lol. i dont know if I can resit my science GCSE or not but, i will try to do my maths again- as a refresher- as i’ve forgotton most of the skills required. i’ve also started another module and now i’m stuck! I just dont understand- pyhsics was difficult and now book 4 -chemistry is serioulsly stressing me out. I just dont know how to answer the questions.

    sorry about the moan.

    Take care


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