Doing nothing since my English GCSE finished

Nothing Since my English GCSEEnglish GCSE has finished, now what?

As you may know I pulled out of S283 Planetary Science a few months ago and my English GCSE has now finished (more details below). So now I’m doing absolutely nothing study wise and I’m missing it.  I shouldn’t really be complaining as Lisa is sitting beside me 38 weeks pregnant and feeling ready to pop.  So I guess the baby comes first :)

So what else has been happening ……..

English GCSE

On 29th May I sat my English GCSE exam, I was doing the higher tier and to be honest it wasn’t that bad. I had done a few practice papers in the weeks running up to it so had a good idea of what to expect.  It had the usual questions, but I had a big smile on my face when I seen what the first question in section B was …….. Write a blog post about a recent challenge I overcame, so obviously my time spent posting here came in handy.

I was given an extra half hour due to my dyslexia so that extra time really helped. Even though I had finished most of the exam in proper time, I was then able to go over all the questions a few times and found a few mistakes and tidied up a few answers, so time well spent.

One thing that did surprise me was the lack of people doing the higher paper, most were doing the foundation and I think the split was 36-5. For some reason I thought with it being a night course with more mature students they would have been aiming for the higher grades, guess I was wrong.

So now I have to wait until 23rd of August for my English GCSE results. I had been sitting on the C-B border line before the exam, so I’m confident I should have at least passed with a ‘C’, Just hope that comment doesn’t come back to haunt me!!!

Open University

With the baby due any minute I think it would be unwise to register for any courses at the minute until I see if I have the time to dedicate to them. However one thing I may consider is doing MST121 starting in October. My thinking is, It’s a level 1 so workload should be easier than the level 2’s, its only 30 pts so again low workload. My biggest appeal to it is that it allows me to brush up on my maths before starting my level 2 courses again, this has been something I had been worried about.

So for now I have made no decisions and will just spent the next few months looking after the new baby.

Exciting Blog Updates

I’m also working on a exciting new update for my blog and will hopefully be announcing it on Friday (assuming the baby hasn’t arrived between now and then). It’s something for all Open University students and I would love you all to take part.

More to come soon ……… But fingers crossed for my Engligh GCSE result !

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  1. Rubyna

    Hey Chris
    Good to see you back. Sure you’ve done enough to get the grade you want in your English exam. Best of luck to both of you for the birth of your baby. And OU, MST121 is a great course, not exceptionally taxing like S104 but definitely good preparation for science level 2.
    All the best

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