Course Reviews

As the title says this section is for course reviews, but not just my reviews, i’m looking for reviews by other students that have taken the individual modules.

Submit your Reviews

To submit your review just go to your course below, if it’s not there just leave a message below and I will add if for you. It doesnt have to be a science course, any course from the Open University can be added at request.

When writing your review make sure you include the date you took the module, you could also include some of the ideas below

  • Pros and Cons of the course
  • Did you find it harder or easier than expected ?
  • Was the workload more than you had thought it would be ?
  • What were your tutor and tutorials like ? (Please no tutor names)
  • How did you find the exam ? (If there was one)
  • Anything else you think other students may like to know about the course

Once you have made up your review just post it in the comments box within your course, you can either post it as a guest or have it linked to your Facebook, Twitter or WordPress account. Once you have posted it I will need to approve it (to stop spam) and then it will be there for everyone to see.

Please keep your reviews as honest and helpful as you can, hopefully they will be used by plenty of other students in making informed decisions on their future study.

Level 1’s

All Level 1 courses are now online at “Level 1 Courses”

Level 2’s

All Level 2 courses are now online at “Level 2 Courses”

Level 3’s

All Level 3 courses are now online at “Level 3 Courses”

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6 Responses to Course Reviews

  1. If you could make section for AA100 The Arts Past And Present, I would be happy to write a review of the course to add to your blog. I think it is a great idea as like you say, may help others considering OU courses to make an informed decision.
    Many Thanks

  2. I have posted a review of w221 on my own blog which you can visit here.

    or click on my gravatar beow it has links to my blog (LawBlogOne) and twitter accounts.

    Unfortunately I was not happy with the course for a number of reasons that will be apparent if you read through it. You could either link to it or I could forward you a copy if you are interested, I am not sure if you want good or bad reviews of course TBH.


    • Hi Mike any reviews are good, lets people know what they are letting themselves in for. If you want to copy the review into the W221 course (I will get it set up now) you are more than welcome to include a link to your own blog within the review.


  3. Steve

    I’m a returning OU student. Having initially studied with the OU in the 80’s, I decided to finish what I started.

    Before the OU moved online, there was a student community that revolved around the regional college and local pub. You had a real tangible tutor that you could share a pint with, or telephone in your hour of need. If you wished to discuss a TMA question, you could mull over an example of what was being asked on the TMA. But what about those summer schools !, how can we forget the T101 and M101 foundation course summer schools. Amazing experience.

    Fast forward 25 years and the tutors are……..well not tutoring. There is little or no community, and trying to contact a tutor is akin to climbing Everest in slippers. Tutors will not even discuss TMA’s, so what’s the point of having them ? I really enjoyed my 2 years with the OU in the 80’s. I really hate my experience with the OU today. I feel isolated, abandoned and there appears to be no recourse when your tutor is not up to the job. My current course is just about to finish. I’m hoping my next course might revive my enthusiasm.

    • Hi Steve thanks for your thoughts on the OU, just out of interest what subject are you doing? and is this the first course in your current study.

      Obviously im only seeing the science side of the OU but would have to disagree what the Tutor and sense of comunity, the few tutors I have had have all been brilient and I have to say a little quirky, just what I expect from a science tutor. As for comunity I have experienced most of it, not in the pub or local venues but through the internet via the OU forums and Facebook etc.

      So it would be interesting so see what other students think of the the OU, if you have a thought chip in.

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