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Doing nothing since my English GCSE finished

Nothing Since my English GCSEEnglish GCSE has finished, now what?

As you may know I pulled out of S283 Planetary Science a few months ago and my English GCSE has now finished (more details below). So now I’m doing absolutely nothing study wise and I’m missing it.  I shouldn’t really be complaining as Lisa is sitting beside me 38 weeks pregnant and feeling ready to pop.  So I guess the baby comes first :)

So what else has been happening ……..

English GCSE

On 29th May I sat my English GCSE exam, I was doing the higher tier and to be honest it wasn’t that bad. I had done a few practice papers in the weeks running up to it so had a good idea of what to expect.  It had the usual questions, but I had a big smile on my face when I seen what the first question in section B was …….. Write a blog post about a recent challenge I overcame, so obviously my time spent posting here came in handy.

I was given an extra half hour due to my dyslexia so that extra time really helped. Even though I had finished most of the exam in proper time, I was then able to go over all the questions a few times and found a few mistakes and tidied up a few answers, so time well spent.

One thing that did surprise me was the lack of people doing the higher paper, most were doing the foundation and I think the split was 36-5. For some reason I thought with it being a night course with more mature students they would have been aiming for the higher grades, guess I was wrong.

So now I have to wait until 23rd of August for my English GCSE results. I had been sitting on the C-B border line before the exam, so I’m confident I should have at least passed with a ‘C’, Just hope that comment doesn’t come back to haunt me!!!

Open University

With the baby due any minute I think it would be unwise to register for any courses at the minute until I see if I have the time to dedicate to them. However one thing I may consider is doing MST121 starting in October. My thinking is, It’s a level 1 so workload should be easier than the level 2’s, its only 30 pts so again low workload. My biggest appeal to it is that it allows me to brush up on my maths before starting my level 2 courses again, this has been something I had been worried about.

So for now I have made no decisions and will just spent the next few months looking after the new baby.

Exciting Blog Updates

I’m also working on a exciting new update for my blog and will hopefully be announcing it on Friday (assuming the baby hasn’t arrived between now and then). It’s something for all Open University students and I would love you all to take part.

More to come soon ……… But fingers crossed for my Engligh GCSE result !

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Pulling out of S283 Planetary Science :(

After a lot of thinking I have decided it is time for some changes. Things have been very busy around here the last few months and something has to give. Unfortunately it looks like it’s going to be Open University S283 Planetary Science.  I feel really crap about doing it but overall I think it will be for the best.

My main reasons for being under pressure is firstly the baby on the way and secondly a bit of change with the business over the last 6 months.

So with a baby on the way things have changed, mainly priorities but also time available. We already have a 4 year old but have been able to work my study around him but with a second on the way that will get even harder. Also Lisa has been getting lots of sickness with this pregnancy and it has been going on for about 3 months now so again that is putting a strain on time as well.

As for the work reason, everything had been going ok but all this has just pushed it over the edge. Last year we were working in an office with 2 other girls helping out. However this year we have cut a lot of costs, moved the office back into the house and its now just me and Lisa. So the upside is we’re saving lots more money, but the down side is we have to do a lot more work ourselves. This has meant I have gone from working part time most days it’s now nearly full time.

Now if I only had one of these things I probably could have managed, but both together and at this minute in time it’s just too much so I have to give up something.

As for the reason of giving up S283 Planetary Science and not the English GCSE, well that’s down to thinking if I give up on the GCSE now I may not go back to it, where as S283 I know I will go back to it. The plan is I have the books for S282 Astronomy and S283 Planetary Science so I will be able to do a lot of the work for both of these over this year and then officially start them again at the end of 2012. Looking at my courses over the next few years pulling out of S283 shouldn’t make any difference to when I finish my degree,  there was 1 year with only 30 pts so I can rearrange the others so this one can slot in nicely.

So at this minute in time I’m 99% sure this is what I’m going to do, just still need to make the call to pull out of it but think I will wait a week or so before doing it.

Has anyone else out there been in the same position and have to pull out of their Open University studies? How did you deal with it?


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Were having a baby !!!!

Again sorry for the lack of posts but the last few months have been a little nuts. Top of the nuts list is were having another baby !! :)

We found out in October and told everyone just before christmas and its going to mean a lot of changes. One of the big things that will happen this year is we will both be scaling back on our study, (Lisa has just started a psychology degree with the OU) so even though I had planned to do S282 Astronomy in February, that wont be happening now. On the plus side, delaying it by a year wont have any effect on the end date of my degree so it’s not to big a deal.

So for the rest of this year I will be doingS283 Planetary science ending in June, and GCSE English ending in May. Then fingers crossed the baby will be popping out end of June and that will give me 7 or 8 months without any study and plenty of time for the sleepless nights :)

As for S155 Scientific investigation, that’s all finished and im very confident I have passes. I will post a full report on it today and im sure there will be plenty of people who disagree with my opinions on it. It felt like a Marmite course people either loved it or hated it.

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I have been a bad blogger again this month!!

Sorry guys, I’ve been a bad blogger this last month. I have been getting into the swing of all the new courses and I just haven’t had time to do any new posts.

So I have started quite a lot with this last month, my English GCSE is now on week eight, am about to start my final experiment for S155, so only three weeks left to go and then I’m a few weeks into S283. So I have been a busy little bee this month.

I will try and give updates on all these courses over the next week and let use all know how things are standing.

One thing I had been doing the last few weeks is getting used to the Dragon dictation software, I’m actually using that to type all this out, well not type, speak. I’m finding that it is good of all the basics but I just have two teach at all the scientific terms, and saying course codes is a pain in the backside as well. But I have been told that you just have to stick with that for a while and it gets used to your voice. So I will give it a try for this month and see how it goes.

I will be back soon, I promise :-)

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I went back to being a 15 year old this week.

This week I decided in my normal fashion, which is think about it for 5 min then decide sod it just do it, that I would go back to being a teenager again. Now I don’t mean sneaking out and getting drunk or trying to pretend that I was 18 to get into the local night club, “The North Gate” aaahhh good memories. No no no to bring back my youth I decided to ……. redo my GCSE English, how exciting is that !!!

So why have I decided to do it? mainly because if I do a PGCE after getting my degree I need A-C in Maths and English GCSE, the maths I have but in english I got a “D”. So if I wanted to do teaching, I needed to get it and taking it now was the best time for a few reasons.

Firstly, I would rather take it while doing the level 1 and 2’s than while im doing level 3 courses, mainly because the degree classification is heavily weighted on the level 3 courses so I want to do the best I can on those. If I had to do the GCSE at the same time it may be to much of a distraction and effect my result.

Secondly, I have 60 pts planned this year, well 70 in you include the short 10 pointer im about to start. This means it’s not to busy so I should be able to add in the extra hours for the GCSE without too much trouble.

Thirdly, it started that week so I was able to get cracking on with it, unlike my Open University courses where I have had to wait 3 months to get started on them again.

So I called up on Monday to see if there were any spaces and was told yes for all dates. So I drove up, the college is only 5 min drive away so very handy, I filled in the form and registered for it there and then. I picked a Wednesday night and went to my first class last week. I had been expecting it to be a lot of mature student due to it being the night course as NRC also offer it during the day, but when I got there and everyone had arrived I was one of the oldies !!! now being 33 I wouldn’t class myself as old but I was certainly old in that class.

The 3 hours went in quickly and was made up of intros, a bit about the course and what we plan to study, when the exam will be (29th May) and what other forms of assessment we have to do. It turns out that there is an oral part where we have to make a presentation or something along those lines, most people are nervous about that but it should be fun to do.

Over all it shouldnt be to hard but going through the course timetable its plain to see that english has changed a good bit since my day. When I did it in 94 it was all about how to write, paragraphs and punctuation etc, now, it looks to be more like English Literature. Now that isn’t something I have an interest in but should be a little change from all the science stuff recently.  Ohh and I have to read, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet so that should be easy for someone who’s Dyslexic!!!

So studying has started for another 9 months and im sure there will be a few times when im under pressure but as they say if it was easy everyone would do it.


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