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Facebook - My Open University LifeWant to follow me on Facebook?

My Facebook page for My Open University Life went AWOL for some strange reason, I have no idea why or what happened to it. So, I have set up another one here My Open University Life on Facebook. So if your on why not like my Page and get updates when ever I make a post on my Blog.

On a different note, there are planty of groups and pages on Facebook for Open University courses. For example if your starting S104: Exploring Science in October the group is here S104 October 2013 Study Group. Im sure if your doing a course soon they will have a group just for your course.

I used the group back when I was doing S104  and for a few of my other courses and found them a great help. They are a good place for bouncing ideas around and to get help if your are stuck on a TMA etc. Dont be expecting answers though, most people will guide you on what to read or what to look out for but very few will be willing to just tell you the answer. Another good thing to get from them is advice on other course. Lots of people have done a lot of different courses and one is bound to have touched on a course your interested in.

So why not Like my page then go and see if your course has a group on Facebook? It will be one of the best things you could do to help your study, I promise.

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